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Standard Revision: Agricultural Production Standard (APS)

Fair Trade USA™ is beginning a major revision to our Agricultural Production Standard. This page will continue to be updated with information on the revision process, including how you can participate.


Fair Trade USA is beginning the first major revision to update our Agricultural Production Standard (APS). The current version of the APS was first published in 2017 and recently underwent a minor revision in 2021. During the past five years of implementation, we have gleaned valuable insights and it has become clear that a substantial update is needed to ensure that the APS is fit for purpose in the different geographies and industries we work in. This revision is being carried out in order to ensure that the APS continues to be relevant and impactful in all types of agricultural supply chains, and to improve upon the clarity of existing requirements.

Please see the Project Plan below for more information on the major revision activities and timeline.

Next Steps

As the project progresses, Fair Trade USA will create opportunities for comment and feedback on the draft APS 2.0.0, including at least one public comment period. Interested stakeholders are welcome to email us at with questions, comments, or to be contacted at the start of the public comment period.

Revision Resources

Project Plan: APS Major Revision

Includes information about the process, project activities, and timeline to revise the Agricultural Production Standard.