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The Value of Fair Trade for Retailers, Distributors & Food Service

Fair trade isn’t just a way to do good—it’s a way to transform your business, meet sustainability goals, and build resilient and transparent supply chains.

Who Benefits from Fair Trade

As demand for sustainable and ethically sourced products continues to rise, consumers expect brands and retailers to align with these values. At 65% consumer recognition in the U.S., Fair Trade Certified is the most recognized fair trade label in the market. In one saturated with certifications, businesses that choose one of the most widely recognized ethical labels stand out.

Our vast experience in multiple commodities, robust standards, and in-field support services are some of the reasons our partners choose Fair Trade Certified. Hear what our retail partners have to say about fair trade certification and the value of our partnership.

Why Thrive Market chooses Fair Trade Certified Coffees

Hear from Jeremiah McElwee, Chief Marketing Officer from Thrive Market, how fair trade certification is a very important way to measure and calibrate economic impact in developing countries. Thrive Market’s Fair Trade Certified coffees ensure your coffee does more.

Sourcing Impact

Build consumer loyalty.

As consumers become more educated and conscious of their purchase, they increasingly show a preference for brands that prioritize safety, ethics, and sustainability—showing the value and importance of third-party certifications and labels.

Solidify your supply chain resiliency.

Our rigorous Fair Trade Certified standards ensure safe and healthy working conditions and protect labor rights and fair wages. More sustainable income and better working conditions help increase worker retention and support more resilient communities. Fair Trade Certification compliance measures help businesses actively minimize risk throughout their supply chain.

Strengthen your brand.

Trust that our operations and standards are audited by and compliant with ISEAL. This establishes the credibility of your commitments and demonstrates authenticity to your consumers.

Accelerate your ESG goals and align commitments
to the UN’s SDGs.

As our program tracks more than 150 impact measures (many of which align to SDGs), a partnership with Fair Trade USA unlocks metrics that deliver on environmental, social, and economic sustainability commitments. Our brand partners can proudly share impact stories from real workers.


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